Italian guitar, end 18th century..

Italian guitar end 18th century.That instrument just coming back from the repair shop has the " Italian sound ".Rich and more light and shade are the qualities of it. The material seems " ordinary " and only the Italian makers have the " magic workmanship ".Very similar with the Carlo Guadagnini guitars.Of course, It is coming from the Carlo Guadagnini workshop.

Lyre-guitar by Lavigne in Paris circa 1810.

So elegant lyre-guitar beginning 19th century.The decoration both exuberant and sweet give to that instrument the idea of a period so refined.


.Lyre-guitar,beginning 19th century,French,adorned with a compass card on the pegbox,and two geometrical roses on the spruce.good condition,for collection,decoration or exhibition.EMAIL;

Spanish guitar by Manuel Ramirez.Cava Baja. Madrid.

Spanish guitar by Manuel Ramirez. Address: Cava Baja. Madrid.first period.original label.sounding length:24,40 inches.( 62 centimeters ). The spruce is in good condition. However, it needs some repairs. it will be possible to see the guitar in the shop for a few weeks before  sending for repairing.



Lyra guitar by PONS in Grenoble. 1810.

Lyra guitar by PONS in Grenoble. 1810.It needs some repairs.Bearing the original label. The decoration is not very important, but the instrument is very pure. 


Jazz guitar by ANTOINE DI MORO.

Jazz guitar by ANTOINE DI MORO,circa 1960.good condition,powerfull and clear.